Creative Forces

Someone once told me everyone is an artist and the problem is that we tend to narrowly define it.

This simple idea shifted the way I thought about creativity and how I can contribute to the world. This framework can empower people by giving them the confidence and definition to call themselves artists. We all have ideas that are valuable to this world.

Using the framework of an artist is the way we can find new solutions for the problems we face. 

This framework gets us to observe the world around us, opening our eyes to the beautiful and ugly with a critical eye. When I create, I get my inspiration from the world around me. I walk through New York City and observe. Observe the people on the subway, the architecture of the metropolis, and the trees that dot the sidewalk. Once I defined myself as an artist I suddenly hyper aware of the environment around me. If I was a fish I was noticing how the water was.

Being in New York City, I have seen much pain and struggle through this framework but I have also seen much beauty. Going to midtown Manhattan in the mornings I catch myself smiling at the beauty of the world around me. A nice break from the tiredness I feel having to get used to a 9-5 life. Most importantly, being able to see beauty, pain, anger, struggle, and joy through my daily interactions I get a front row seat to the total human experience. By collectively practicing this framework, people can push each other to be present unleashing our natural creative capabilties. 


On a more technical side, this framework translates to more than just walking around and seeing the world around us. In business, we can all see ourselves as an employee that can suggest a new way to make systems work better. In politics, we can all see ourselves as contributors to local, state, and federal policy by understanding the current situation and imagining new futures. The creative process forces us to be critical, brave, and controversial about the status quo. This is the key that will help us unlock new possibilities of future.

Art is in everything we do. To be an artist is to push to find new solutions and to imagine new worlds in whatever medium that we exist in. This simple shift in mindset allows each of us to see ourselves was someone that has the creative potential to evaluate and imagine. We are all artists of the future. Together we must create.