Guest Appearance: Podcasting for the first time

 For the first time ever, my brother and I were on a podcast!

 We had the opportunity to be a guest on Born in June Raised in April, a podcast about adoption and identity. It was a great experience as it allowed us to openly share our adoption stories as brothers to the streaming world.

Please take a listen and let me know what you think!

Some of my key takeaways:


It is weird hearing your own voice.

Anyone else get slightly embarrassed when you compare what you thought you sounded like vs. what you actually sound like?



It is special to have a brother who is also adopted.

The feelings adoptees have about their experience can prevent them from easily finding people to relate too. I was lucky to have someone else in the family that shared similar thoughts and feelings due to being adopted. Due to his presence, being adopted felt normal. He allowed me to feel normal.


Adoption wasn’t a BIG DEAL until other people found out.

In our family, adoption was a fact. Our parents never tried to hide it from us normalizing it in our household. Every time I would tell people outside my family I was adopted, I was asked a million questions about it. To others it was a big deal but we just didn't get the hype.


DNA has changed the way we find out about our linage.

Before DNA, the only way to find out about your genetic makeup was from family and relatives. This is not an exact science especially when you hear, “well your grandfather said…” Now with the access to DNA, we have the power to compare what we are told vs. what we are. To some it is merely a confirmation of the facts but to others it can a revelation that can lead to difficult conversations with family members. At the end of the day, I am happy people can learn more about themselves. I think that is critical to all of our self-development.


Born in June Raised in April


I truly hope something in the episode resonated with you. Remember families can come in all shapes and sizes and there is always room in our heart for others.

Thank you again to April Dinwoodie and the Born in June Raised in April team for allowing us to be guests on the podcast. It was a amazing opportunity to share my thoughts family style.