Narrating Our Own Stories


For many that know me, I have a habit of constantly telling stories about people of Asian descent in the United States. I admit it can be a little much at times but with Asian narratives constantly being forgotten I feel the need to remind people. I am tired of these stories being ignored as they are vital to understanding why things are. 

After learning about the history of Asian peoples in the United States, I have been passionate about bringing to light the people and their stories that were invisible to me up prior. Over the last couple of years, this passion has taken on many forms leading me to join student advocacy groups and creating individually using an Asian lens. Each experience has been enriching as I have met incredible people that have not only become supportive friends but have challenged my ideas allowing me to reevaluate and refinement my understanding of world.

In the need to continue this work, I have been looking for more opportunities to further explore.  

I am happy to announce that I will be part of the editorial team for the online platform, re:asian. The last couple of months, I have had the pleasure of working with an awesome dedicated team to re-launch this platform. Formally known at Yellow Noise, re:asian is a platform for Asian identified people by Asian identified people in Canada and the U.S. After seeing movies like Hidden Figures and Moonlight come out and superheroes like Luke Cage on Netflix, I am motivated to create and curate work for Asian people that is reflective and representative. With the mainstream slow to showcase the full breathe of the Asian experience in North America, I truly hope we at re:asian can fill part of the void by inspiring people to speak their truth with conviction and courage.

For out latest publications please visit our platform at:

ALSO!! We are currently having a CALL OUT for the month of January. If you are inspired or want to execute a concept that you have been nurturing, we would love to help you publish your work on our site. If you have any questions about it feel free to email us at 



Tell us about your first ____.

In celebration of the (re)launch of re:asian, our first issue will be themed “Firsts.” We’re looking for essays, interviews, journalism, short fiction, satire, poetry, comics, illustrations, photos, and videos that tell us about your firsts, and explore the concept of firsts in the personal, political, and cultural spheres.

Tell us about your first love, first home, first memory, first time returning to where your parents grew up, first piercing, first time you travelled, first time you felt beautiful, first piece of writing or artwork, first bowl of ramen.

Tell us about your first broken heart or broken bone, the first microaggression you remember, first time you felt your body as racialized, first major failure, first panic attack, first time feeling lost, first time you felt alienated from your family or culture

Topics you could think about:

Are firsts more important than other iterations?

Are you different before and after a first?

Youth, naïvete, and initiation; mentors; firsts that came too early or too late under white supremacy; birth, rebirth, and eternal recurrence; firsts that are also lasts, or firsts that are also forevers; dismantling or complicating the myth of virginity; thresholds and liminality; nostalgia and the issue of ‘accurately’ remembering firsts; birthdays, funerals, and graduations.

Submit to by January 30, 2017 (written submissions should be approximately 500 – 4,000 words). Feel free to email us earlier with questions, pitches, fragments, or ideas that you’d like feedback on. Selected submissions will be published online at, and potentially later included in a zine (with the creator’s consent).

At this time we are unable to compensate contributors – though we’re working on it! Selected submissions will be edited by the editorial team of re:asian in collaboration with the author/creator.