Perfect Remedy for a Perfectionist


I am a perfectionist. I love to be organized and mathematical with my moves. In other words, controlling. Without it I feel lost and flouting aimlessly. I fight tooth and nail to maintain control for my peace of mind.

 As much as Perfectionist mindsets can drive you to accomplish great things I have come to ask myself at what cost. All the stress and doubt that eats away at your mental energy is draining. My need to control things controls me.


I frequently ask myself what happens if I could just let go. To flow with the unpredictable nature of the world. To understand that you can only control your reactions to things that happen. You can’t always control what happens to you.


Riffing off the saying “Progress over Pride” I am over trying being perfect. It is time to switch to a progress mindset. Waking up every day and actively trying to do a little bit better than the day before. Going to bed everyday knowing you strived to put your best foot forward.


I believe people should move away from perfectionism. Why?

 Perfect is an aspiration, a projection of the supposed to look, hear, be like. It is all the things that other people want you to be. It is the bottom of the rainbow, something you chase with no chance of obtaining.

Perfect also refuses to account for people’s situations and context. Everybody is sold the same dream. Perfection is the shirt you found out isn’t one size fits all.

Most damning about perfection is that it isn’t measured in accomplishments and blessings but failures and screw ups. The less you messed up the more perfect you are. Counting negatively isn’t the way I want to live.



Being your best is not just a aspiration, it is a slow realization of your true strength and convictions. It allows for continual progress and promotes growth at every step of your life. It carries on as the journey not the destination.

When we have a progress mindset it allows us to be easier on ourselves. When we fail, we tend to double down on our despair with our own self-doubt and hate. You sit their replaying scenes until it is burned into your mind. This self-destructive behavior is dangerous. Instead, we need to pivot away from the negative talk and transform it into constructive talk. One that acknowledges our mistakes and our human nature to make them with humility and striving to learn and be better tomorrow.

Life is a work in progress for me. With so much changing around us it is important to understand that it is impossible to make all the right moves. Don't try to live up to an image. Live up to the way you wish to be every day. Step out every day with the humility and intention to be better and do better.

Let go and let life.