Michael Ken Stewart is a Director and Photographer of mixed Japanese decent. Born in Tokyo, Japan and moving to the United States of America at a young age has presented him with unique ideas about what makes up culture and what it means to be part of a group. 

Michael has worked with Citi Bike, Billionaires Boys Club, Footlocker, Spring Place, On, Hoka, MoMA PS1, Strava, Leatherman, and Converse leading the creation of photos and vides for various campaigns.  

Michael currently dedicates his free time to running, surfing, and reconnecting nature and his Japanese heritage. His inspirations are James Baldwin, Gordon Parks, Yasujirō Ozu, Daido Moriyama, and Miné Okubo.

Connect via Email: ken.suchuwaato[@]gmail.com   |   Linkedin 

Currently living in my head:

The Yin & Yang of Gerry Lopez - Documentary

MANITOGA / The Russel Wright Design Center - Tour

Talks & Lectures


First of All - Assessing the Situation with Jaeki, Jojo, and Michael ($6.99 Per Pound)

Explain Your Face - Ep. 15 | Michael Stewart, the 2nd Nirvana Reference

Born in June Raised in April - Exploring Adoption, Identity and Family with Brother Michael and Mark


Trans-Racial Adoptee Round Table - Adoptive & Foster Family Coalition of New York (Oct. 2020)

TafLabs Presents: Model Minority Myth - Taiwanese American Foundation (Aug. 2020)

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